We chose to focus on our customers from the very first day of service. Our motivation which kept us going was to see the excitement that our customers expressed when the food we served tingled their taste buds, where the combination of the spices of Kerala with the fusion from around the world worked out well. Our food team had gone to extraordinary lengths to bring in the dining experience which was truly appreciated.

The team worked round the clock to combine French, Thai, Japanese, Arabic and Indian cuisine to produce our signature dishes while keeping the traditional dishes in the good old fashion way to the core.

The much praised, effortless yet impeccable service goes hand in hand with the best in class culinary experience. Guests who come back, treat our place like their home away from home and we receive the warmth in the relationship with utmost respect and pride. The inspirational Fusion cuisine along with the traditional recipes and excellent service has won diners hearts.


Signature Dishes